The Assistant Principal is the assistant instructional leader and is ultimately responsible for assisting the Principal in ensuring that the school provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to succeed academically and socially. To do this, the assistant principal must have the skills needed to adeptly assist in facilitating and collaborating with faculty and staff; experience teaching using alternative pedagogy; ability to identify and use diagnostic and formative assessments; and ability to engage in and support classroom and organizational level inquiry to inform decision making. The assistant principal in conjunction with the guidance counselor will lead a grade group cohort from 9th-12th grades.

Successful candidates will have demonstrated alignment with the New Visions mission to empower young people by challenging them academically and providing them with the support they need to excel.

Job Responsibilities

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Assist in delivering the academic preparation and requisite support for all students to be prepared to succeed in college and career.
Reinforce and institutionalize the implementation of New Visions Charter School practices through regular observation, coaching, and evaluation.
Foster connections between academic learning, the community, and the natural world.
Will be responsible for teaching, co-teaching and model teaching in the classroom.
Staff Development

Assist in creating a professional community that focuses on instruction and assessment as the primary vehicles for improving student achievement and school culture.
Motivate teachers to continue to develop their content knowledge and instructional repertoire, and to provide the resources needed for them to do so.
School Culture

Assist in building a school culture that evidences high expectations for courtesy, respect, compassion and an intellectually-engaged environment for both students and adults.
Ensure a safe, supportive and productive environment for students, staff and families.
Model effective instructional practices in staff meetings, professional development sessions and team meetings.
Cultivate strong partnerships with community organizations and regional and national partners.
Oversee extra-curricular activities, Saturday School and after school programs.
Cultivate strong partnerships with community organizations and regional and national partners.
Implement behavior/discipline modification plan for grade group cohort in conjunction with the guidance counselor.

Masters degree.
School leadership training, certification, and/or experience that is consistent with the core concepts of the New Visions Charter School Model.
5-10 years teaching experience, preferably at the high school level, with a history of improving student achievement.

Demonstrated leadership capabilities, including management and team-building skills.
Experience working in an urban school setting.
Experience with supervising, evaluating and professional development of teachers and teachers-in-training.
Experience implementing pedagogical strategies and developing curriculum relevant to the New Visions Charter School model including, but not limited to: challenge-based curriculum, inquiry, data-based decision making, analysis of student performance on an ongoing basis, alternative use of time through scheduling and programming, systems of adult learning.
Experience developing schedules.
Experience working on school culture and discipline.

Demonstrated commitment to the school vision and mission.
Commitment to democratic governance and collaborative, data-based decision-making.
Rigorous approach to problem-solving - collecting all relevant information, consulting diverse perspectives, and creating feedback systems.
Recognition of self as a learner, able to identify areas for growth and commitment to working in these areas.
Experience and zeal for working in an entrepreneurial environment.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Passion for creating a school community that supports the development and achievement of all students, particularly those underserved and at risk in other school settings.

How to apply

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