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DREAM Charter School is East Harlem's community-based, public charter school, where every child can and will achieve. DREAM Charter School's mission is to prepare students for high-performing high schools, colleges and beyond through a rigorous academic program that develops critical thinkers who demonstrate a love of learning, strong character, and a commitment to wellness and active citizenship. DREAM Charter School inspires all students to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. DREAM Charter School develops life-long learners who make positive change in their communities and the world. DREAM graduates understand that a healthy and resilient body enhances an active and critical mind. Our graduates have the skills and habits of mind to tackle complex challenges, engage in spirited debate, innovate and inspire. The DREAM Charter School Promise: High expectations for all students; Individualized attention- two teachers in every classroom; 12-month school year, including six-week summer camp; Extended school day; Focus on physical education, nutrition and health; Arts, music and dance for all students.

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