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MS/HS 223, The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology is looking for teachers interested in positions for our Summer Bridge program and for full-time employment in September of 2014. After ten years as one of the most popular middle schools in District 7, The Lab School is expanding from a middle school to a secondary school and we need amazing teachers to help us build a successful 6-12 school in the South Bronx. This is a unique opportunity to help us develop a program and environment that meets the needs of our continuing students and moves them closer to college and career success. Our Summer Bridge Arts Institute is a four week enrichment program for students entering grades six through nine. Students receive challenge based instruction in math and English, as well as training in team sports and their choice of a variety of arts disciplines. We need dedicated, intelligent, innovative teachers to add to our community of educators. We are a model school for both math instruction and Teacher's College literacy instruction in the region. The strengths of the school include: **access to numerous professional development opportunities **access to classroom resources and tools that will aid and enhance your teaching **the freedom to be an instructional leader and innovator in the classroom **a community of energetic and devoted colleagues. **award winning middle school Spanish dual language immersion program For additional information about our school, please visit or read about us in a recent feature in the New York Times Magazine (

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